Scroll phat light issues

I recently received my Scroll Phat from Adafruit. It “almost” works. Software-wise, everything is fine. However the lights do not function properly. For example if I send a ‘4’ into the buffer at any index . lights at binary position ‘2’ and binary position ‘4’ both light up. Other values in the buffer which should result in the light at binary position ‘2’ being off, actually turn the light on. The solder seems to be fine - I’ve soldered lots of electronics before. I even had our digital electronics teacher look at it. He saw no bridges or missing joints.

The problem is not my test code. If I send a capital “E” to the lights the top of the E is lit up where it should be off.

I should also mention I tried the scroll phat on another pi and had the same problems.

Any suggestions on what to try would be helpful.