ScrollphatHD and BME680


I already have the Scrollphat HD and I just ordered the BME680. It seems you can use them together to display readings, but I can’t seem to understand which pins to use.

Could you explain which pins to solder the BME680 to, when using the Scroll Bot - Pi Zero W Project Kit

Thank you

The BME680 uses i2c, Pin 3 SDA and pin 5 SCL. Plus Ground and 3.3V or 5V. It says its good for 2 to 6 V. Then install the python library, and do up your code in python to display your info…

Does the scrollphatHD not use the same pins? Or can I connect the BME680 to the same?

You can connect multiple devices to i2c, as long as they each have a different address. On one Pi I have a Sense Hat, BMP180, and an SI1145 all using i2c.
For the BMP680 •I2C interface, with address select via ADDR solder bridge (0x76 or 0x77)
For the Scroll pHat HD I believe its 0x74, so no conflict.


On the Pi I mentioned above, I take the Data from the BMP180, SI1145 and some of the sensors on the Sense Hat. And display it on the Sense hat LED matrix. A continuously scrolling message with date, time, temp, humidity, pressure, and UV index. That Pi also has a Real Time Clock DS3231 wired to i2c. I have a Perma Proto Hat, between my Pi and Sense hat with a stacking header on it. It makes GPIO access easy.

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