SenseHat Joystick

Hey guys, I bought i senseHat of you guys earlier this week and it arrived fine and all.
However I started playing with it and the example code and all that. I got to the joystick part of it all lastnight and I couldn’t get it to work. At first I thought i was doing something wrong, however today i tried the following example but still it doesn’t work. I checked the code and everything it’s all the same, it works when I use the arrow keys fine but not when I use the joystick.
am I missing something or is the joystick not working?

Are you using your Pi and SenseHAT via VNC?

You might need to look into the direct joystick driver here:

Yeah I was.
I didn’t realized doing it through VNC would break it.
Thanks for the pointer :)

I only knew what the problem was because I’d helped someone else figure it out a week or so ago. I don’t understand exactly why VNC breaks it, but I suspect you can solve that by using X11VNC after the regular X desktop has launched.

oh cool, I’ll check it out. Thanks for the new pointer