Servo controller current consumption

Hi guys, new here, hope this is the right sub-forum to post it,
Does anyone know what is the max current consumption possible by the servo2040 board (which is great, btw)? couldn’t find it in the datasheet and didn’t see this question in the forum.
Just to clarify, I mean current limit for outside power supply and not through USB-C (which is 3A).


The screw terminals, + and - ?
If yes, its mentioned on the product page if you scrol down the page.

  • Screw terminals for supplying external power (with reverse polarity protection) (10A max continuous current)

It also has

  • Onboard voltage and current sensing

You are right, I’ve somehow missed that.
Thanks for the clarification!

No problem happy to help.
It’s easy to miss stuff when there is a lot of text in play.

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