Servo2040 UART TX/RX Pins

I purchased this board to build a hexapod. Are there any UART TX / RX pins to use when all of the servo pins are utilized? I want to use an HF-06 bluetooth module to remotely control it but I’m not sure where the TX/RX pins are on the board. Can someone help?

There is a link to the schematic on its shop page, if that helps.
servo2040.sch (
Might be tough? I think you would have to give up servo 1, and possibly have to stop it from trying to configure those pins for servo use.

That throws a wrench into having a hexapod with 18 servos and being able to control it via bluetooth.
So, since I won’t allow control of the board via bluetooth, is it possible to connect an NRF24L01 module to it via SPI and still have 18 servos connected?

If so, where are the MOSI, MISO, CSK, and CS pins located. For me, I’m not able to make any sense of that schematic.

I don’t see any way to use SPI. i2c is available, and ADC, but thats about it.

Are there any QWIC modules for bluetooth or NRF24L01? This is a nice board, but a robot also needs to be remotely controlled and there’s no way to do it…and still use 18 servos.

All I could find here is this Sparkfun offering, out of stock though.
You’ll need to read up on what it can do, to see if it will work for you.
SparkFun NanoBeacon Lite Board - IN100 (