Simple indoor CCTV required to view a target boss and relay the image to a single screen, been told "what you need is a rasberry Pi"

I think that’s an over simplification but if someone knows how to do it and can advise what parts are needed it would be fantastic for our archery club.

An off the shelf security camera would do the trick and would be plug and play.

Or if anyone has a spare camera with a zoom lens, video out and a tripod you can zoom it in and point it at the target. Granted it’s not the simplest of solutions, but often you can rig things like this up with stuff you already have- the true maker spirit!

For the Pi, you would potentially need two Raspberry Pi’s. One at the target end with the camera, and one at the receiving end to display the picture on a screen (although you could use a laptop here).

Looked at those but the output does not appear to be able to be plugged into the back of a monitor, would be a really easy one to do if there’s some compatible lead adapter.

Really not my field hence asking, but will try and pursue this line.



You have set me thinking about my old video camcorder and a monitor now, good thinking.

For more targets though the twin Raspberry and monitor suggestion looks good.

We actually have four target bosses in the range and if successful would probably do all four (as funds become available)

Would need assistance with the setting up once all the parts sorted and purchased, I understand there will be some programming to do.



Interesting project, Just a thought , how are you thinking of protecting the camera system what ever route you take from stray arrows?
I know that they could cause a lot of damage if a direct hit from a stray, We all have had one go not where we expect it - ex member Reigate Priory Bowmen. 32lb compound recurve

The Pi solution does mean you could potentially set one Pi up as a hotspot to receive the video feeds, and then as many as you need to broadcast video to that single Pi. I imagine bandwidth wouldn’t be much of a problem, since you just need to know where the arrow landed, and not necessarily when? IE: A low frame-rate would not be a problem.

@UK_Ham makes a good point, and perhaps also an argument for long-distance optics to survey the targets, rather than a closer camera. Unfortunately lenses aren’t cheap! I wonder how well Pi camera would work through a toy grade telescope lens or similar.