Home School WebCam


Don’t need night vision telescopic or anything too fancy but would like advice on what camera would be ‘best’ for a 5year old to connect to her school with.
Will be using a Raspberry pi 3.

Is the improved camera going to make a difference? i could buy it if it’s worth it

I would think the V2 would be more than enough for that.
Raspberry Pi Camera v2.1 – Pimoroni
Shows out of stock at the moment though.
IMHO I think the new HQ Camera would be overkill, plus a lot more expensive. You’d have to also buy a lens for it. And likely a mount / tripod.
With the V2.1 camera this will work
Raspberry Pi Camera Mount – Pimoroni

I, i was thinking at getting onto 100 quid it was perhaps a bit OTT, thanks

I have 5 of the V2.1 cameras setup with Motion Eye OS. Bird cameras and surveillance etc. I have one of the new HQ cameras and the telephoto lens. I use it as a bird camera mostly. I like it, it gives good nice quality Video and pics. It’s not something I would personally want to dedicate to being a web camera though. I dare say it would work great, with the right lens etc. That’s one of those personal choice deals though.