Slider and Dial reporting in wrong pots



I have the slider in Port 7 but Rockpool reports it in Port 1.
I have the Dial in Port 1 but Rockpool reports it in Port 7.

As I move both around they are reported different locations.

Plug either into port 8 and it is reported in Port 0, Port 7 as Port 1, Port 6 as Port 2 etc. etc.

in Rockpool they both show up as position and function as required except just reported in different Ports.



… it has the correct port labelling.

Obviously the offline version will get synced at some point but as there are other things in progress it’s not imminent I don’t think.


Yep online works grand.

And yep there’s more important stuff I am sure of it!


A huge update is in the works, so I’m focusing my effort on making that perfecto rather than tweaking the old stuff. Sorry about that!

The fix on is temporary, I’ve actually changed the numbering in the latest Dock firmware!