SN3218 to drive a rgb led strip

I’m a very beginner in electronic.
I’d like to use the sn3218 to drive a rgb led strip. For example conecting the SN3218 outputs to a ULN2003A Darlington to drive the current required by the led strip.
Any suggestion?

How long is the strip, what sort of LEDs? What’s the pinout of the strip? Is it individual R/G/B channels with a common connection- is it a common power or ground connection?

The ULN2003A is inverting by nature, and the SN3218 is a sinking, constant current driver. I’d say they would make a poor combination but I understand from your example what you’re trying to accomplish.

If your LEDs were common ground/cathode, it would probably be easier to ditch the SN3218 and use just the ULN2003A, in combination with software PWM on the Pi. Or possibly even something like Pi Blaster-

I’d like to drive 4 different strips, 1 meter each. They are with a common 12vcc and 3 pins for red, green and blue. So I need 4x3 12 pwm signal to drive them.
My idea was to use 12 ports on the SN3218 to drive 12 ports on the ULN2003A.