So if you were an architect of the new technological age what would you do away with?

I think I would do away with parents so called right not to have their child educated about Evolution. Your cheating the child of a good understanding of science!

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Flat Earthers.

Why do we have groups of people hell bent on pretending science is a belief system and refuting things that have been proven for centuries with dozens of correlating methods?

One word “gasoline”. Or in two words “fossil fuels”. I still want my car, just power it via hydrogen or some other environmentally friendly fuel.

Social media. I have some great friends on Twitter, but along with Facebook it can be a really toxic environment if you don’t carefully curate your friends list.

I miss the old days where we had forums dedicated to specific topics. Facebook, Twitter and Reddit have all but killed forums and they just to be a great place to learn and talk to people that shared a specific interest.