Linux Refs. Books from the early 1990's

Hi everyone,

I have a small group of Linux Refs. works form the early 1990’s the works are all in new condition and as published complete with unopened DVD. I would be happy to list them here and to offer them for sale, if people feel that they would be of interest, the volumes and currently in the UK and are all quite large and heavy for posting. I very much look forward to hearing further over this, if required, Many thanks

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Would be happy for you to list them on eBay or a similar platform and post the link here. For standard forum politics nonsense reasons, I’d rather you didn’t sell them directly through the forums though ;)

Sounds like the sort of stuff I’d accumulate if I had any space :D although I’m terrible at actually reading reference books. I tend to just use them as monitor stands.

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I got around the problems that had with running python. I never use eBay. So I am not up for that. If you were interested I could let you have a listing.

All the best

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