[SOLVED] Install Unicorn Hat on OSMC

Hi Guys,

I truly love the unicorn hat. But it has some limitations atm. I only can run it with Raspbian and Retropie. I would love to use it with OSMC. I know OSMC is kinda open source and has way less limitations as libreelec or openelec. To use the unicorn hat with osmc would be amazing.

Please add support for this player.

If you mean that the install script refuses to run, that is by design (or at least the filtering is not permissive). Have you tried to manually install unicornhat? does it work?

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I tried to install it via

curl https://get.pimoroni.com/unicornhat | bash

In OSMC and Ubuntu Mate 16.10 I get the message “Your operation system is not supported, sorry”

How can I manually install the unicornhat?

the repository readme contains detailed information on how to install unicornhat manually:

Note that you will need to install python-dev

I would not get my hope too high however - there is a reason the script is closed to some OSes, at least the last time I checked functionality in MATE the low-level rpi-ws281x just did not work.

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thanks for the reply. this is what I get if I install it manually on osmc

[code deleted] Read below for solution

I tried it again with a complete fresh osmc install. First installed get-git and then the unicorn-hat but get errors everytime.

right… I think you would need to install a compiler… very strange the python-dev package wouldn’t depend on ‘build-esssnetial’ but that is my best guess. Try:

sudo apt-get install build-essential
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Thank you RogueM for your amazing help. It works. Here is what I did to install the Unicorn Hat inside OSMC:

  1. sudo apt-get update

  2. sudo apt-get install python-dev

  3. sudo apt-get install build-essential

  4. sudo apt-get install python3-pip python3-dev

  5. sudo pip3 install unicornhat

  6. sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev

  7. sudo pip install unicornhat

  8. sudo apt-get install git

  9. git clone https://github.com/pimoroni/unicorn-hat
    cd unicorn-hat/
    sudo apt-get install python-dev python-setuptools
    cd library/rpi-ws281x
    sudo python setup.py install
    cd …/…
    cd library/UnicornHat
    sudo python setup.py install
    cd …/…

Here is the complete terminal window from start to finish: SCREENSHOT TERMINAL

If you want you can publish this as a kind of tutorial.

Thanks again RogueM! Now I give Ubuntu another try.

well, if I know you have it working, I’m more than happy to open the script to OSMC, but I would need to know the output of:

cat /etc/os-release

well that might not be enough, I suspect it will come up as a generic Debian or Ubuntu, but that is a start.

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PRETTY_NAME="Open Source Media Center"
VERSION="March 2017"


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