[SOLVED] Need pointers for using speakerphat with mpd

I’ve got a speaker phat mounted on a zero w running raspbian stretch lite. The demo completes successfully, and I can play audio using aplay. I’m trying to get mpd working via a python script that works well on a RPi 3B via HDMI audio. When I change tracks, I hear a clicking sound via the speaker phat, but not discernable audio. I’m adept with linux in general, but don’t have a good grounding on audio setup. I suspect I need to link the mpd configuration to use the phat in some way, but I’m at a bit of a loss as to where to start. Any tips are very much appreciated!

UPDATE: Of course, 10 minutes after posting this, I figured it out. I edited /etc/mpd.conf and removed the comment before device “hw:0,0”. I’ll leave this here in case somebody else has the same problem.