Spacers: Nylon or Brass? Good suppliers?

I’m wondering what the advantages of brass spacers are? Nylon seems like a great choice, with relatively low conductivity, and it seems to offer good durability even on the threads.

The only issue I’m having is they seem to be inconsistently sized, and I have an awful time fitting them into the screw wells on the Pi Zeros and pHATs. I just recently finished up my Pirate Radio, and wanted to put some swanky new spacers in to keep that Pi Zero from twisting when the power cord is taken in an out. I feel like it might be putting strain on the GPIO array, and over time that will start to give way.

I picked up two bundles of nylon spacers from a local electronics store, and both are junk, being slightly too big for the screw holes on the Pi Zero and pHAT. So, I’m in the market for a trusted source to order a bulk amount of spacers, if anyone has a supplier in mind. I’m in the US, if that makes any difference.

I use and they are great! That being said might get expensive buying in bulk, I’m sure someone like Adafruit would have something similar and I think they do discount for bulk, being in the UK I don’t buy direct, so not certain on that.


I bought one of these packs from Adafruit,
It’s Ok, some odd sizes to be honest. You might have to stack some of the short ones together to make really good use of the whole pack. The ones you need the most there aren’t enough of. Still, price isn’t too bad and you get an OK storage box for small items in the process.
I buy what was posted above when possible. or this one,

I did see the Pimoroni sets, but yeah, I’m looking to get a few hundred just to have around. I think I’ll order a few of their sets just to get a few good ones in-house for now.