White nylon spacer

I have buyed Picade 10inch for Raspberry PI4 but I have an issue with the white spacer for the Raspberry.

In the video guide these spacers have a hole from both side (so the PI can be put inside the M2.5 screw.
Mine haven’t the hole on the top side (two micro hole instead) so the the PI can’t be put in. I have attached photo for more details

How can I solve it?

thank you

I did have the same problem with the 8" RPI 4 version. Reported it on Discord yesterday.

Maybe try to drill a hole trough it. I used old HDD cabinet anit-vibration spacers :)

Otherwise send an email to support@pimoroni.com, they will likely send you new proper ones.

Thank you for your suggestion!
I have already reported to support that immediatly send to me the replacement parts for free :)