Spacing of LED's on the Unicorn HAT HD


Could you please tell me the spacing centre to centre of the LED’s on the Unicorn HAT HD in both the x and y direction.



Hi! The pitch is 3.3mm in both x and y direction, and the LEDs are right in the middle of the PCB. Have you got some kind of a grid diffuser in mind for it?


No, I was thinking of a nixie tube style display along the lines of lixie
and nixie pipe. I was hoping the pitch would be 3mm so I could use 3mm



Not bad! Do post photos when you get it done! :)


One way to do it would be to use every second row of pixels, and then still 3mm acrylic for the vertical pieces but have them slot into a horizontal layer that sits on the Unicorn HAT HD. You’d only get 8 different layers, but you could do a seven-segment display. I’ll try to mock one up!


Hi. I have the same question for the 8x8 Unicorn HAT (PIM054).

I’m designing a 3D printable light pipe adapter for Bivar flexible light pipe system (


This design of mine might be of use for dimensions:


The spacing between the pixel centres is 6.6mm according to my measurement, and the pixels are 5mm square.


Perfect! Thanks. I’ll post my remix when I finish it.