Unicorn HAT HD board layout with dimensions


I purchase Unicorn HAT HD board a few weeks ago. I’d like to make a word clock project. I was looking for the board file (PDF is fine) with absolute and relative dimensions on screw holes and individual LEDs so that I can make template that allows the LED light to pass through correctly. I’d appreciate if you can send me or point me to the repo with the info or file.



Individual LEDs is tricky since the part doesn’t have an outline. Looks like they’re aligned on a 3.3mm pitch though and the LEDs themselves are 2020s- 2mm x 2mm.

Some educated attempts at placing where the LED should be and measuring suggests the whole matrix starts 2.5mm from the top of the board and 6.75mm from the left. Each pixel is 2mm x 2mm and spaced 1.3mm apart.


These will have a slight placement/soldering tolerance plus probably some package-size tolerances.

But, uh, this may be precise enough if you’re not 3D printing a grid and routing anything between the LEDs!


Thanks a lot for the info. It’s all I needed for now.