Speaker Phat Alexa


Ive recently attempted to make a pimoroni speakerphat amazon alexa, using the AlexaPi github page. However, i dont know if alexa is working, as there is no sound whatsoever from the speakerphat.


You should try running speaker-test -c2 -twav to see if you get any sound output, and also verify the Pi’s aware it needs to output i2s audio by looking at the outputs of aplay -L and aplay -l and making sure there’s a HiFiBerry DAC entry.


Thanks for that. Ysterday I uninstalled the speakerphat software and tested alexa through hdmi, it worked. When i re-installed the speakerphat software however, i noticed that the hat was responding to sound output - the pivumeter led bar was moving, but no sound came out. The output of both aplays show and “snd_rpi_hifiberry_DAC”. Is that right?


Also, in alsamixer, the default device is “PulseAudio”