Speaker phat contact coming apart while soldering

Hi I bought a Pimoroni SPeaker Phat fand while soldering the wires that come with the speaker, the contact on the speaker side started to come apart.

I was recording myself while soldering, below is a link to the video that shows the contact coming apart. It eventually came completely lose and fell off. What could’ve cause this?

Look at the 13 second mark to see the board start moving

I’m afraid that will happen with plastic speakers. It looks like you were careful but not enough, I’m afraid. When this happened to me I would try to solder directly to the wire on the speaker.

Years ago I bought a very lightweight soldering iron for jobs like this. Plus I use the thinnest solder I can get.

From the looks of it you applied the heat to that terminal for too long a time, and the plastic melted.
The way I would have done it is as follows.
Lay the bare wire jumper on the terminal / solder pad.
Heat the wire and terminal with the iron, it only takes a second or two.
Then quickly apply a small amount of solder right where the tip of the iron is touching the wire.
As soon as the solder melts and flows remove the iron.

thanks for sharing this experience. i will be careful with mine

It may still work. The plastic will harden again once it cools off. If the speaker works but the terminal is lose, I’d try a dab of super glue. Or hot melt glue, just a drop.