Speaker phat not working with Raspberry Pi 4

Hi guys,

Does anyone know if there’s an issue with using the speaker phat on Raspberry Pi 4. It works on my Raspberry Pi 3 B so a little confused. The lights come on but no sound.

Has anyone else has the same issue, were you able to solve it?



Is the Pi 3B running Buster?

Yes it’s running the latest version of Buster. Thanks.

Ok, was wanting to rule out it being a Buster issue. I have a pHat Beat but I’m not running Buster on that Pi. It’s running Jessie or Stretch. It’s my Pirate Radio and its running just fine so I’ve left it alone.

What is set as the audio device if you right click the speaker icon. I think its a right click to set analog, HDMI etc.

Think I worked it out. It’s when I have the fan shim installed. I did a fresh install without the fan shim software and it works!! Guess I’ll just have the fan on full without the auto service.

Thanks again for your help.

Ok, I’ll have to try and remeber that. I will be getting a fan shim at some point.
It looks like its BCM 18 thats causing the issue with i2s.