spO2-Python code

Hi there,
I recently bought the Pimoroni 30105 sensor, which enables smke detection, heart rate, temeprature and spO2 (oxygen concentration in blood. Unfortunately I can’t find so far any Python code for the latter item spO2.
I only found a Aruidno sketch sample, but I think, it is NOT straightforward to try as a beginner to tranlsate (?) that in Python??
Any help/suggesion is highly appreciated!

I could be wrong, but I think to do the blood oxygen level the sender has to be on one side of your finger and the receiver on the other side? The light has to travel though your finger / blood. If you you can’t do that with that sensor which may be why there isn’t any code for that function?

Well, if you look here

the item is promoted with the oximeter feature.
And there are Arduinocodes around, which delivers a sp=2-value…

Wouldn’t be the first time I got something wrong. If you find code that works I’d be interested in seeing it. Might actually buy one then.