STEMMA QT / SparkFun Qwiic extensions for Pi Pico W

Hi, since the Pi Pico and Pi Pico W do not have hardware extensions for i2c on board, like the Adafruit STEMMA QT / SparkFun Qwiic, I am trying the “Maker Pi Pico Mini”: Maker Pi Pico Mini - Pre-Soldered Raspberry Pi Pico W

I previously got a sensor working properly via i2c together a Pi Pico W.

But with “Maker Pi Pico Mini”, i2c scans does not work properly. Following the datasheet for the “Maker Pi Pico Mini” and trying different combinations of GPIO Pins for SDA and SCL. But unfortunately no success. Any idea why this does not work? Or any recommendation for STEMMA QT / SparkFun Qwiic extensions for Pico W? Many thanks in advance!

Can you post the code you’ve been using? The Pinout diagram on the Pimoroni product page suggests that I2C0 on pins D1 (for SCL) and D0 (dor SDA) should work for the socket the breakout is using in your photo.

thanks. The Pinout diagram shows that the socket I am using (as shown in the photo) is connected to GPIO 4 and 5. And in the meanwhile, I got it working with this code:

from machine import Pin, I2C
# Initializing I2C
i2c = I2C(0, sda=Pin(4), scl=Pin(5))

I am unfortunately not sure what was the problem before. But I was using machine.SoftI2C instead of machine.I2C. And for whatever reason I2C worked better. I guess that I had a bug in my code with SoftI2C. But in any case, it’s working now! Thnks!