STEP files for Pimoroni parts

Hi, in looking over the forums I see several requests for STEP files for various products. I note that goBILDA provides STEP files for all of its parts, and while their business pretty much requires that, I don’t see there’d be any harm and potentially some real value if Pimoroni were to publish STEP files for its own parts, or at least those that might reasonably be incorporated into 3D models. I’m selfishly wanting the models for the Breakout Garden parts because I’m an avid user of them, having somewhere between two and three dozen I’ve purchased over the years. I’d like to incorporate the 3D models into a robot I’m planning and building (see diagram).

So what’s say? Could Pimoroni consider publishing 3D model files for its products? We would certainly then begin planning around them, which when we build would thereby increase sales…