[Product Idea] SD card breakout

Hey! I absolutely love using the various breakout gardens for both RPi and Pico. One thing I always want to do is adding a SD card, to log the generated data. I know there’s various ones out there, but the form factor of the Pimoroni breakouts are great - so would be amazing to see a SD breakout. From the Adafruit SD breakout, I could see that it uses SPI, so should be compatible.

Hope you’ll consider it! :-)

While you wait make your own from the adaptor.
Full instructions here about 80% of the way through to the end - look for the picture:



The SD card is already an SPI device.

Have fun!

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Yeah, that can probably do it until then, thanks for the link! I actually have some of the Breakout Garden extenders laying around - if I can solder directly onto one of those, that would do it. (I’d still like to see the product though 😉)

I had no idea SD cards were just SPI devices… that’s brilliant. My mind boggles at what I might do with that much added storage on a pico or similar. And to think I almost binned a bunch of those a few weeks back my tech hoarding has paid off!

That’s one heck of a write up, and you’ve definitely saved me a few headaches. Random GC for stability… ::shakes head:: there’s some deep problems there.

Even with Tony’s hack it’s not a bad idea for a product… nice to have a clean mountable solution even if it just amounts to a passthrough

Glad to help.
Happy New Year and have fun with your iron!

Pimoroni sells a nice little SD card breakout already (from Adafruit and Pololu).

Breakout Garden uses I2C.

@Nox besides SPI there is SDIO with a different wiring. SPI is simpler and SDIO should be faster.

On my todo-list: check continuous write speed. If I need to log high frequency measurements, then I currently just send out the data using UDP and do the logging on a PC or laptop. But an SD-card might also be sufficient.

I’m aware of the Adafruit breakout, I linked to it in the original post. But Adafruit offers many of the same breakouts, and especially the form factor sets the two apart. And the Breakout Garden does also support SPI.

I’m not suggesting that using SD cards cannot be achieved in ither ways, just that it would be extremely convenient to have it as a Pimoroni Breakout. 😃