Syslog Info Message Owing to Blinkt


I have Blinkt running on RPi0 W for several months now without visible issues. I enabled RSyslog on the platform and found that owing to Blinkt there is a pair of “Info” messages approximately every minute. While these are Info level messages, I would still prefer to suppress these since the messages are transmitted to a central RSyslog server in my network.

The Raspian in use is as follows:
Linux hostname 4.14.52+ #1123 Wed Jun 27 17:05:32 BST 2018 armv6l GNU/Linux

The messages are (Category=kern, Program=kernel):
Family 0 for 00.xx0000000000.yy is not registered
Attaching one wire slave 00.xx0000000000 crc yy
where xx and yy appear to be hex digits

If I remove the Blinkt HAT then the messages are not generated apparently since the RSyslog server does not receive any. The platform is configured via the standard rsyslog.conf file to send ALL messages via wildcard to the RSyslog server. Is there a fix for this anomaly?



Looks like it’s related to the 1-wire bus- you should be able to disable this altogether in Raspberry Pi Configuration or raspi-config in the terminal. Blinkt! does not use 1-wire, so I’m not sure why these would appear when a Blinkt! is connected. I suspect it’s more a case of correlation than causation.