Tap Finger ... Enviro+

In the instructions for the Enviro+ for the all-in-one script it says tap your finger to change readings.


At the moment I’m stuck on Temperature and neither keyboard or Pi being tapped appears to change it … am I missing something?

Try taping the light sensor, I do believe it is also a proximity sensor.

Thank you - I just don’t like tapping such delicate sensors, if you read the fact sheets for some fo the sensors they have to be handled very carefully. So before tapping madly at the enviro+ I wanted to gauge educated opinion.

You may not have to actually tap / touch it. If you do, you can likely play with that example code and change the sensitivity so close enough is good enough ;).
I hope to get an Enviro + in the near future. What I’ll do is take out the touch bit and just put in a 10 second or so delay between each of the things it displays. Then just let it continuously cycle through them over and over.

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