Enviro+ -- what are some of the sensors measuring?

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to find documentation for what some of the sensors on the Enviro/Enviro+ hats are measuring. Looking through the documentation and examples, it’s clear that the light sensor is measuring lux, the temperature is degrees C, etc.

But what is the proximity sensor returning? And the noise sensor? The examples are not clear on this. Does anyone know?

hello, I dont own one ,but a quick look here seems to tell what the sensors are doing, Getting Started with Enviro+

I’ve read that page, and you’ll note that it specifically does not mention what the proximity sensor and MEMS microphone provide. It mentiones having a proximity sensor that “can be used”, and that the MEMS microphone can detect noise levels.

I’m asking what they’re measuring. for example, does the proximity sensor return distance in millimetres or something else? Does the MEMS microphone return sound levels in db, or a fractional value? Amplitude in what?

This is what I’m looking for.

I have an LTR-559, I haven’t run the proximity example in a long while. Going by memory, it returns a number, 0 for no object and increasing in value the closer it gets. The number returned goes up into the thousands. 5cm range going by the product description. I can verify this if you want? Have to see if I have a spare not in use first. It’s running code headless at the moment measuring background light level.
I don’t have the microphone, I don’t own an Enviro or Enviro +

I get that it’s measuring distance. I guess what I’m asking its “what are the units”.

I guess knowing the max is 5cm, I can put a ruler next to it and see if it corresponds to mm or nm or whatever…

The intended use, as near as I can tell, is object detection. Namely you waving your hand across in front of it. In one of the examples, doing that switches the display from displaying temperature, to humidity, then to pressure, and back to temperature, etc.
If you want to measure distance your better off with a time of flight type sensor, or ultrasonic sensor. Just my 2 cents. ;)