Tether your WiFi Guide Cyanogen Mod - Ninja Piglow Photo


I am new to the forum so what better way to start with a quick tip guide and a photo!

A quick tip for tethering your WiFi internet with a Raspberry Pi using your android mobile phone with *Cyanogenmod ROM.
If you have just had a Raspberry Pi and was wondering how to connect to the internet without a network cable your smartphone using Cyanogenmod can make your life that little bit easier!

  1. Boot into your Raspbery Pi Operating System Pidora
  2. Connect your Smartphone to the Raspberry Pi through the USB cable make sure your wifi is on .
  3. Go to settings menu on your Smartphone >Tethering & Portable Hotspots> check the USB Tethering box.
  4. Your Raspberry Pi should now be connected to the internet !

Alternatively you can use a micro USB WiFi adapter, its just nice to know that you can use your Smartphone if you need to! -
Below is my current setup Pimoroni Ninja case rocking a PiGlow ! :)

That’s actually very handy. Do you know whether or not this is Raspbian compatible?


Thanks for reading !

This method will not work for Raspbian a little user interaction is involved, you will need to connect your smartphone to the Raspberry Pi then run a terminal box and type in


This will check your network interface to see if you have anything connected, you should see " eth0 " “lo” and "usb0"
this is good! because we have detected the USB phone :)

you will then need to tell the Raspberry Pi to use the usb0 device as your internet, to do this go to terminal and type

sudo dhclient usb0

The terminal screen will then pause for a moment, it may take a couple of minutes… then you should be connected!
Run an internet browser window to check if you can reach google.com or alternatively try and ping the website in terminal.

I hope this helps ! :)

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Yeah it does! Thanks a lot for taking the time to document the process.

I think you’ve solved my WiFi problem on the Pi, so thank you very much.