Thermal Camera MLX90640 output size


Bought one of these devices - they’re pretty cool!
Probably a daft question…
How (and, more specifically where) do I change the image size, as it’s pretty small tucked up in the left corner of my screen?


I usually bring the framebuffer size down to compensate, since it requires less system resources and lets you get a nice fast full-screen image.

Run fbset and make a note of your current mode :


Then crush it down to a painful 640x480:

fbset -g 640 480 640 480 32

Then edit /examples/interp.cpp and change IMAGE_SCALE to 10

And find the put_pixel_false_colour line and swap x with y so that it reads:

put_pixel_false_colour((x*IMAGE_SCALE), (y*IMAGE_SCALE), val);

This will rotate the image (which is portrait 24x32) to 32x24 pixels landscape.

Then it will be scaled up to 64x48 with cubic interpolation.

Then it will be scaled up to 640x480 with the 10x pixel scale.

Downside is you have to rotate your camera or screen 90 degrees… :D