Thermal issue with original Kickstarter Picade Mini

Hi all!

Embarrassingly I’ve only just got round to building my original Picade Mini that came from the original kickstarter project.

The build went fine and it appears to function perfectly with one exception. There’s a very warm smell coming from inside the enclosure and when I checked with an infraed thermometer I’m seeing temperatures on the barrel connector and nearby capacitor sailing well over 100 degrees celcius on the LCD PCB after a minute or two of use. Is this normal? Seems pretty high and it causes heating down the very thin cabling of the supplied 12V PSU. Assuming it’s not normal, where should I start first to try and track the faulty part down?

Thank you!

yes, don’t use that PSU for now, contact explaining the issue.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll drop an email to support.