Dodgy Kickstarter PCB?


So, one of the few benefits of Coronavirus is that I finally have time to get around to sorting out all the things that got filled under “more or less works, will finalise it later” :-)

One such issue is my Kickstarter vintage Maxi Picade, in general, it works…apart from the sound…which also “generally works”. However, there’s a constant hiss/hum/static. I’ve tried all the usual tricks:

  • Move speaker cables away from everything
  • Shielded audio cable
  • Take the audio from HDMI, not direct from Pi
  • audio dither option & max_usb_current=1 in the config.txt
  • played with the ALSA mixer

All that makes diddly squat difference. So today, it got serious (by my tame standards) :

  1. I disconnect everything from the picade board;
  2. Removed it from the cabinet;
  3. Connected the psu and one speaker… - same issue, hissing;
  4. tried the other speak - same issue…hissing;
  5. swapped the cables around…hissing.

I’m coming to the conclusion the board has some hardware issue, looking at the photos - is there anything obvious I can do? Some dodgy-looking connections?