Trouble with Blinkt running in two threads

Hi i am running Blinkt in two threads at the same time, when i enter a condition that makes the program to turn on led´s at the same time in the two threads the led´s get all messed up, they turn on randomly and the colors are also random.

How i can fix this?

Thanks in advance

Roll all you code into one file.

Unfortunately i cant do that, thanks for the reply tho

I think you may be out of luck then. I know I don’t have the knowhow to sort it out.
If your not already, I’d set your code so they each control their own group of LEDs. First 4 for one program, next 4 for the other. You’ll likely still get glitches if they both try to change things at once though.

Will try to arrange the code so i don´t use the led´s bar at the same time, thanks for the tip.

Good day