Trying to switch firmware from Picade HAT to Picade PCB

So I have the Picade console model with the HAT that clips onto the top of the Pi. My friend just got the Picade Console with the PCB which attaches to the Pi via USB.

I cloned my SD card and put it into his Picade. All of the games and everything are there, but the controls and buttons do not work at all. I am sure this is related to the HAT vs PCB setting.

How can I switch the firmware on his machine from Picade HAT to Picade PCB?

Can you post links to both boards? I believe all the official Pimoroni Picade’s use a Hat? The current ones do anyway. The USB is just for power?


Pimoroni (Pim351 Picade X HAT

The PCB is in the older version.

Ok I’ll take your word for it that there is a USB version, all I could find were


You can’t just switch (easily) from one to the other. The Picade X does everything via the GPIO pins, and your other one will do it via the USB port. Two completely different driver setups etc.

There have been several iterations of Picade boards from the kickstarter Arduino, to the production Arduino, to the first PicadeHAT, to the current PicadeX HAT.

Your pi image will have been set up to receive the controls from the HAT.

I believe, if the USB one is new, there shouldn’t be any special config required. The Pi is supposed to recognised the USB Picade board as a keyboard and you can set it up as a controller (normal USB keyboard will prob be required to get to the menu needed).