Looking for step by step instructions to set USB C Picade HAT to gamepad mode

Hi all,

I’m looking for precise instructions to set up my USB C Picade HAT as a joypad, rather than a keyboard. I have a second-gen Picade (if that matters) with a Pi 3b+ in it.

Here’s a post on the subject.

I’ve tried the script shown in this post. Didn’t work at all at first - then I worked out I needed to install pip, and use that to install pyserial, which got me a bit further.

The next issue I encounter on running the script is ‘could not open port /dev/ttyACM0’

and indeed if I ls /dev/tty* I have no /ttyACM0. I do have a /ttyAMA0 - that’s the closest match.
But that doesn’t work (I’ve added a bunch of print statements and I can see it hangs on writing ‘g’).

Maybe someone can throw some light on this for me!