Picade joystick and buttons as gamepad not keyboard

I’d like to have Retropie recognize the picade controls as a gamepad and not a keyboard.
The reason being is that some emulators like Amiberry don’t seem to work properly when mapped as a keyboard.(Retroarch keyboard as Joystick)
When playing sensible soccer in a dead ball situation when I move the joystick in any direction it keeps calling the subs bench. To activate this normally you have to do three quick movements in the same direction.
The d-axis has a rapid fire effect which causes a problem in some games.
If anyone knows a solution ?
I know there used to be a python script to do this and am wondering if it still works.

It was certainly possible with the old Picade PCB (and a good deal more easy given it was essentially an Arduino Leonardo) and gadgetoid did release a firmware that supported this (New 2.x Configurable Keyboard/Gamepad Firmware)

I’m not aware of anyone having managed this with either the PicadeHAT or PicadeX HAT. RetroPie does have a page on their wiki that covers GPIO modules (https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/wiki/GPIO-Modules) which conceivably could be modified to match the pinout of the PicadeX HAT (https://pinout.xyz/pinout/picade_x_hat).