Gamepad mode (How to?) and on Keyboard mode some Buttons do not work (Select wired to 1/4 and Start wired to 1UP)


I have bought my Picade Arcade a few days ago and managed to build it without any issues.
All buttons single button is functionnal in Retropie. Just in Retropie.
I can map all the keys. BUT As soon as I start any emulator. The select and start stop working!
As by default the picade was recognized as a keyboard… I started reading the forums.
I have (after a LONG search, because i am not linux expert) finally managed to update to firmware picade_gamepad.hex
When I try to configure the retropie Input with a PS3 controller it shows 2 gamepad.
I try to configure any of the Picade Buttons … NOTHING happens.
the external USB keyboard and PS3 controller work fine. But the picade Does not.
So I revert to picade_original.hex. WITHOUT any problems. it flashes correctly.
Now the Picade is detected as a keyboard, I can configure the Retropie.
BUT Select And Start DO NOT work in any emulators. :(

I do not understand what can be wrong?

The Gamepad mode How does it work ?
I mean, I can use Keyboard and PS3 controller. but the Picade does not seems to work correctly.

Any ideas to help me solve this case or should I return the product to the seller ?
My Picade PCB is blue and seems to function fine except it does not work at all as expected.

Any help is welcome

Thanks in advance.

Christian VEGA


Same problem… no ideas to detect picade as a gamepad/joystick?



Same issue here. No one?
Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?