Tufty 2040 - Wi-Fi (with AirLift?)

Is there a way to add Wi-Fi to the Tufty 2040?

I had looked into the Adafruit AirLift (ESP32) board as an option. I don’t think the edge breakout board on the Tufty provides the required pins to add the AirLift (I2C vs. SPI). Connecting between them is currently beyond my level of knowledge, if it’s possible at all.

  • The Tufty 2040 has I2C (SDA, SCL, INT) plus SWC, TX, RX, and SWD.
  • The AirLift has SPI (MOSI, SCK, MISO) plus CS, RST, RXI, TXO, BUSY, and GP0.

I’m thinking, no. The Tufty doesn’t bring the SPI pins out. Plus, the Tufty runs Micro Python, while the Adafruit Airlift is coded for Circuit Python.
The Tufty can run Circuit Python, but then your looking at getting all the bits & bytes working in Circuit Python.

One option is to build a Tufty clone with a Pico W. One less Button but the same size screen.
Raspberry Pi Pico W – Pico WH (pimoroni.com)
Pico Display Pack 2.0 (pimoroni.com)

Guess what I built? - Discussion - Pimoroni Buccaneers

I’m open to other options that might get Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The Tufty 2040 itself has some useful sensors, and I’ve added onto that.

Ultimately, I’d like to be able to capture sensor information from the Tufty 2040 without having a physical USB-C connection. I guess being able to capture and save the data to offload at a later time via a physical connection might be another option.

I am running my Tufty with this: https://github.com/bablokb/pcb-badger2040-wlan.This adds Wifi to the Tufty. You could of course just wire something up.

BTW: without the USB-C, you will be constantly swapping your battery pack. The Tufty has a nice screen but it also draws a lot power. And you cannot operate in in off/on-mode like you can do with a Badger.

@bablokb Typo in your link. .This got added to the end
bablokb/pcb-badger2040-wlan: Small PCB for an ESP-01S and PCF8523-RTC (github.com)

I own a Tufty, and have added extra sensors, BME280 and a RTC. I don’t upload any data so I haven’t added WIFI. I only run on batteries if the power fails, or the odd time I put it in my pocket and take it with me on a morning walk. I setup auto brightness on the LCD, which will help with battery life. I did it to make viewing easier on the eyes in a dark room, and still be usable in bright sunlight. ;)