Tufty2040 - device is busy or does not respond

Hello, complete beginner to the 2040. Getting this error message in Thonny.

Device is busy or does not respond. Your options:

  • wait until it completes current work;
  • use Ctrl+C to interrupt current work;
  • reset the device and try again;
  • check connection properties;
  • make sure the device has suitable MicroPython / CircuitPython / firmware;
  • make sure the device is not in bootloader mode.

Followed Hel Gibbons getting started tutorial. It worked once, never worked again. Have tried Control+C, and tried stopping and starting, turning off and on again etc.

Have not tried reinstalling software.


Scroll down to the Resetting Flash Memory part and there is a flash_nuke.uf2 file that will erase everything and let you start over fresh.
Raspberry Pi Documentation - Raspberry Pi Pico and Pico W

Put it in boot mode, then drag and drop it to your Tufty in file explorer. Then do the same for the Tufty uf2 file.