TV Hat use in US

Does anyone know if the Pi TV Hat will work with US TV?


I don’t think it will work in the US. It will only work with DVB-T2 which I believe is what is used in the UK?

I was more interested in using one as a SDR, Software Defined Radio. The current version won’t do that either.
I have a USB TV / FM radio one that I can setup as an SDR and listen to just about anything. VHF, UHF, HF, MF, with the right antenna attached.

I did some research but couldn’t find anything regarding local stations.
It would have made an interesting project.


If you go here, then scroll down the page you should see a coverage map showing what Country uses what. North America for the most part uses ATSC and I don’t believe the TV Hat will receive it. Not the current Hat anyway. I can remeber this type of question discussion coming up on the Pi Foundation Forums when the Hat was released. The Pi Foundation won’t ever comment on future product releases so your guess is as good as mine on when and if a US version will be released.

Yes, I saw the Wiki article. I usually go there first. I’m using an MPEG encoder now to get TV into my computer but I’d like to have some backup so I’m looking for similar hardware.

The Pi Foundations, “we won’t ever comment on new products or release dates” is a bit frustrating IMHO. I get why they do it as release dats almost always slip, but not even saying if they going maybe build something is a bit much. They just leave everybody hanging and wondering, do I buy something else or wait? I use the same username on their forum as I do here. I probably spend as much time there as I do here, I just don’t post as often as I do here.

It’s the same, or worse, with Apple. (I use mostly Apple devices) Expect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed. The software company I use for my TV tuner (Geniatec) had been totally silent on updates to their stuff so we could use Apple’s new OS (Catalina). The new OS doesn’t support 32 bit software. Finally, just a couple of months ago, they came out with a usable beta. I have to use Parallels software to emulate a Win XP machine so I can use a my label printer because Brother won’t update the Apple version. I’m used to waiting and hanging on to old stuff.

Right now I’m banging my head against a wall trying to get my Pan Tilt working in Motion Eye. The folder they say to use doesn’t exist, as near as I can tell anyway. And to post on his support forum you have ta answer 50 questions just to post your question. =(

OK, I thought it was just me. I think it needs to be documented by someone who has done it. I’m going to see if I can get P/T hat working with PiKrellCam. The P/T functions are set up for another system and may be adaptable.

I started a new thread on it here, feel free to post there how you make out. I also posted on the Motion Eye support page.