Two-player wireless controller Picade

Hi all,

OK, so maybe this is too ambitious but … what I would like to do is make a Picade work in much the same way as an Xbox/Playstation.

  1. Two Picade controllers, just like the Picade consoles except preferably not both needing a RPi inside. I think I have gleaned from other posts in this topic that it might be better to go with 2x USB game controllers? I would definitely prefer the retro-arcade style of the Picade controller. Whatever form the controllers take, they should be wireless allowing both players to sit comfortably on a sofa, untethered.

  2. RPi connected directly to my TV as the display. This is plugged into power directly, but connects wirelessly to the controllers above.

So, now that you hopefully understand what my aim is, has anyone already tried this?
Were you successful?
What problems stopped you? Did you just give up, or did you find out that there was some issue(s) making it impossible?
What other lessons did you learn which could help me?

The 8bitdo arcade stick is bluetooth wireless, and can connect with emulation station, and of course has arcade controls you’re looking for (I know people have even swapped out joysticks and buttons for more high end parts).

You could probably McGuyver something with the Picade consoles minus the RPi, but getting it wireless would be difficult.

The 8bitdo stick will work with a RPi emulation station setup, and as a bonus you can still use it on your PC, phone, switch, etc.

Thanks AllDamnDavey, that looks like a very good solution.