Using a PS3 wireless controller with Picade?

Hi everyone, new to Picade, have it up and running and configured with Retropie and the usual games, I was just wondering is it possible to play 2 player mode with something like a wireless PS3 controller?

In my experience PS3 controllers are a huge pain to get up and running with anything but a PS3. I actually use a couple with my laptop on a regular basis because I don’t want to have to buy new controllers.

You’d be better with a more traditional Bluetooth controller, and IMO even better with a wired one for the least painful setup experience.

But if, like me, you want to forge ahead with the PS3 controller you already have, see here:

Thanks for your information, im not very tech savy so i might try getting a different controller ! is a traditional bluetooth controller hard to set up for use with Picade?

RetroPi has a UI for configuring a Bluetooth controller, so it should be straight-forward enough:

Looking at the PS3 guide compared to the regular Bluetooth guide is very telling :D

If you look at the right-hand side of the RetroPie wiki and scroll right down you’ll see a list of guides for setting up specific controllers, such as Wiimotes, Wii U Pro Controllers, PS4 controllers, 8bitdo, etc etc.

great thanks again for your info, just wondering any decent bluetooth controller you would recommend?

Unfortunately I still use my PS3 controllers, so I haven’t had chance to explore the wealth of Bluetooth controllers out there.

Unless I’m very much mistaken, the PS4 controller is supposed to be very good, and aesthetically the 8bitdo controllers are super cool: