Ubercorn leds will not respond

I recently purchased a Ubercorn
I was not able to get it running, I followed the guide to a T from the github page. I started with the basic image of raspian and flashed it using Etcher.

After attempting this a few times to no avail, I decided to buy another board and I am having the exact same issue with that board suspecting it was possible that I’d gotten a doa board. I am having the exact same issue with the new Ubercorn board.
Initially, I was trying with a raspberry pi zero w. I have since switched to one of my ras pi 3’s that I have laying around that I know for sure that the gpio pins work well on.
I am making sure to use sudo python3 ./this_program.py to run the programs and all the text that is supposed to display is on.
I have verified SPI is enabled
I have forced the Audio to be HDMI only
I am not sure what my problem could be. Please let me know what additional details I can provide to get some assistance.

Thank you

If you run your python files from idel3 you may get an error message that could help sort it out. Worth a try anyway.

Currently I’m just using the test programs to try to get them to work. I will get VLC all fired up and running tonight then try the scripts in idle

I’m not currently getting any errors when using the idle via the desktop. Any other suggestions? It’s been super frustrating not to be able to get this to work.

I don’t have any suggestions? I don’t own one so I can’t test anything out.
What are you using for a power supply?
I have to ask the obvious, Pi firmly attached to the Ubercorn, and the correct way around.

Hey man, You’re not gonna hurt my feelings. I appreciate any feedback. I was just able to get it to work. I don’t think the pi was seated well enough. I’m curious if it’s the same issue I ran into before, but more importantly, it’s working! Thank you

That good to hear. Those low profile SMT Female headers can be tricky some times. Its just the tips of the Male GPIO making contact. You want to push hard but not to hard that you’ll bend a pin or something. 4 standoffs are usually the answer to that. Once you have the screws in firmly the Pi has to be seated properly. I do believe the Ubercorn has those already there on the back side.
Anyway, enjoy your now working new tech.=)