Uf2 PicoW 1.23.0 utime not working?

I have just downloaded and installed picow uf2 1.23.0 and none of my programs and examples will run. I have just done a simple test loop to read buttons and it appears that the command ‘utime.sleep(1)’ hangs the system. There may be other commands which are hanging. I have done a reload in case it was a corrupt file and it is still the same. If I revert back to 1.22.2 all is well

Change utime.sleep to time.sleep and see what happens.

Already tried that and it also does not work.

Hot fresh fixes for your troubles - Release Version 1.23.0 - Bugfix 1 · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico · GitHub

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Just got it and it fixes the bugs, thanks