Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing


ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard.

I am trying to use this with a Pi 0.

I have asus Bluetooth working OK with a Bluetooth mouse.

I have tried to use the GUI Bluetooth to add the keyboard.
the search finds the device…
the pairing/setup option lets me enter passkey or use random passkey.

when I enter the key on the device I get pairing in progress then after about 10-20 secs failed message.

I tried using Pi terminal window.

Device is listed OK

the bluez simple-agent not found

I tried installing on widow 10 laptop and had similar problems.

Any ideas ?

Could it just be a faulty keyboard ?

Technical Support

Problem finally solved:
I switched on the device-tree option via raspi-config and now everything works


I am a beginner to Pi, but when I go from the main menu to preferences then to Rasp pi configuration I cannot find anything that looks related to device-tree.


Hi Rick,

On the prompt type sudo raspi-config
Them go to advanced, and there you’ll find device-tree option.




hi Michel

Sorry to say but I have changed the device tree to yes , rebooted tried to install
the Bluetooth keyboard and I get the same problems

With the GUI Bluetooth manager

I get to pairing in progress, I ente the passkey and after about 20 secs
’failed to add device’ message

Using a terminal and following the tutorial

The install bluez says already on latest version

hcitool scan finds the device

the bluez-simple-agent hci0 command gets
bash: command not found

When you say every thing worked do you mean you installed
installed an ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard and got it working ?

Best regards


I’ll be breaking out a Bluetooth Keyboard to try and test this myself this week- I’ve not set one up recently.