Unable to run pick_rgb_keyboard example


I’m trying to run the micropython example for the pick rgb keyboard, but I get an error in Thonny … Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 2, in
ImportError: no module named ‘picokeypad’

Looks like Thonny doesn’t know where to look for that module, and I don’t know how to add it into a search path. Do I need to update Thonny? I’m running version 3.3.3. Is there an easy way to get an upgrade.


Did you install Pimoroni’s MicroPython firmware? The Official firmware doesn’t have Pimoroni’s software built-in. They have a guide for doing this here.

Brilliant! That was the problem - I was using the vanilla RPi Foundation firmware. Thanks very much.

Glad you got it sorted.