Unicorn Hat in a Frame


Photographs to follow:


a 7.5cm * 7.5cm box frame from HobbyCraft (http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/innova-black-box-frame-75-x-75-cm/605218-1000) (currently £2)
a Unicorn Hat
a PiZero with a gpio connector installed + shim and WiFi dongle (for non Zero W)
a Pibow (this is optional but it does protect the pi and the electrical contacts)
layers of diffuser material (which can be carefully cut from a plastic milk bottle … of course if you live in South Staffordshire (and environs) Mountain Ash Crafts at Halfpenny Green Vinyard sell A4 sheets of diffuser material)
power pack


Stage 1: The Frame

  1. Remove the cellophane (if there) and place the frame on its front (on an flat surface … health and safety and all that)

  2. on the back you will find 4 retaining clips, bend out to remove the back.

  3. remove the box from inside the frame

  4. clean the glass!!! if you get a frame like mine you will find the glass is absolutely filthly. the best way to clean the glass is with washing up liquid and water, wash the glass in soapy water, rinse and dry with a clean tea towel DO THIS CAREFULLY AS THE GLASS WILL HAVE SHARP EDGES SO CLEAN AND DRY FROM THE MIDDLE TO THE EDGE

  5. replace the glass

  6. using the box as a template cut as many pieces of diffuser material as you require. I used 2 layers, if you are going to use the unicorn hat as a clock then you might not need any.

  7. place the diffuser layers over the glass and replace the box

  8. position the Unicorn Hat in the middle of the back and draw round it making sure that the gpio connector is on the opposite side to the hanger.

  9. roughly mark on the back where the gpio connector is because you will need to cut this bit out (it doesn’t need to be ultra accurate because ti will give you a bit of wriggle room).

to be continued



  1. Glass and diffusers
  2. Glass and diffusers in frame
  3. Box in position
  4. Position of hole for connector


ten. use cool melt ‘hot’ glue to fix the Unicorn Hat in position

11. put Pi Zero in PiBow (note that the top clear layer now goes on the bottom otherwise the gpio pins won’t go in the hat connector) *don’t forget the microSD card (with software installed and configured so you can SSH in)

12. connect the Pi and hat

13. replace the back into the frame and bend the clips down


Now the last time I went to Mountain Ash Crafts they didn’t have the plastic diffuser sheet I used. What they did have was parchment paper with a much smoother texture at 20p an A4 sheet.

I also found parchment paper suitable for use as a chistmas diffuser!!


Unicorn Hat In a Frame … The Movie