Unicorn pHAT mood clock issue

Make a Cute Alarm Clock with Mood light - Pimoroni Yarr-niversity

trying to build this ,having issue with running the code ,it will turn the first color on at 7:30 ,but goes blank at 19:00,code is still running ,just never lights up the night time color …

the Phat runs all examples i have tried on it …

this is the part of the code that is suppose to check every 10 seconds to see if there is something do change

while True:

Clip and past error? In your post I mean.
It should be time.sleep(10)
I’ll have a go at running that on my Unicorn Hat HD in a little while, with a few edits to make it compatible. I’ll post back with my results.

You ran sudo pip install schedule from terminal right? I’m assuming you did but want to double check anyway.

And do you have
import time
import unicornhat
import schedule
in your python file? I think those are needed.

EDIT: doh, finally scrolled down to the bottom of the page you linked too and saw the full code pasted. ops.

yeah ,i have been playing with this off and on for weeks now,wiped sc cardand started over a few time now,first thing i do is install schedule ,because i did forget it once …just waiting to see if going to change color at 09:30…,if it dosnt i will change the color o see if that make a difference , thanks

I did the sudo pip install schedule, but when I run the file from idle I get an import error, no module named schedule? Double checked for typo’s? Ran the install a second time and it says requirement already satisfied and that its already there? Even rebooted after installing it?

Had to do a sudo pip3 install. Have to wait a few minutes to see what happens. I set it for 9:48.

Mine just changed, all purpleish. Its in a dark room with just the monitor on. with the one overhead light on I can still see it. Not so much in bright sun though. I also have the black difusser on mine, the one that comes with the Unicorn Hat HD.

thank’s for the help, i changed indigo’s numbers to blue numbers and its working with that ,made so many changes I’m all confused now…lol, i will go back to original python file and play around some more to night maybe

Mine is 16 x 16 for 256 LED’s, yours is 4 x 8 for 32 total? You may have to bump up the intensity to se it. Play around with it until you get what “you” want. You don’t want it too bright in the dark so you may have to trade off not being able to see it in daylight. I only edited the unicornhat to unicornhathd to start off and get the code to run. Just to see what the defaults looked like. Then maybe bump it up if I had too. If I had the paper artwork on mine I may have had too. The difusser doesn’t dim it like you’d think. I think it looks a lot better with it than without it.

im logged in my main computer ,a different user name lol bad memory so i setup a new user lol
anyway it will not light up using the numbers from pimoroni tutorial ,so i just changed indigo numbers to 153, 0 , 153 and it works , the color is close enough for me , the crayon colored picture on the box will defuse the colors some i think ,cant check until we color the picture ,just need to set to run with contrab, thanks for you help , i mark this problem solved !

contrab setup ,for tomorrow morning ,wait and see how it goes

I found with my sense hat that below a certain value in the (r, g, b) they didn’t light up. Not that my eyes could detect anyway. I don’t remeber what that value was, 20 or 30 or so I think. Just changing the brightness value may be enough. I think if you just remark out that line it will default to full bright. It may just be a combination of both thats making it really dim. I don’t think the color changes very much if you change both values. the red and blue by the same amount. It will be brighter though. I’d have to go look at the file I ran but I’m pretty sure I used 51, 0, 51. I don’t remember editing that line. Just changed the times and the unicornhat to unicornhathd.

ok,thanks ------------------------