UnicornHat not working


Hi Guys

Being gifted a UnicornHat for my birthday I am eager to get it running. I fitted it to a Pi2 and fed it with a 2A PSU. I installed the libraries using the curl script and, with bated breath, I ran simple.py - instead of the expected cheery magenta glow I was treated to a blinding riot of psychedelic colour. I modified simple.py to be even more simple:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import unicornhat as UH
import time

UH.brightness(0.001) # I don't have welding goggles

for y in range(8):
    for x in range(8):


and all I get now is a single GREEN LED lighting up the top right LED (assuming ‘UNICORN HAT’ is printed the right way up).

Is it DOA?



Arrr! I fixed it.

Turns out I had a daemon auto-loaded that wasn’t playing nicely with the Unicorn.

Re-installed on to a vanilla Jessie and everything now works as expected.

I’m off chasing rainbows…


yes, it is worth noting that anything that tries to probe or send signal to the analog audio output will create havoc with the unicorn … not sure if that’s what your deamon was doing, but that’s what came to mind when I read your post.


I really think this should be put on the readme- took me hours to figure out why the UH wasn’t playing ball…


It’s on the product page, but I agree it’s not the best place for it. Regardless I have reworked the installer to route audio to HDMI to try to minimise initial problems.