Unicorn pHAT throws segfault at end of program

The simplest possible program:
import unicornhat as uh

crashes with a segfault:
root@h2opi31:/home/Display# python D.py
Segmentation fault

As do the example programs (that terminate):

root@h2opi31:~/Pimoroni/unicornhat/examples# python detect.py

Note: Your Unicorn HAT must be plugged in before boot to detect properly!

Trying to detect if you have a Unicorn HAT or Unicorn pHAT
Autodetection finished, let’s see the result…

Your height is NOT equal to your width, so you must have a pHAT.

If your hardware has been properly detected, it should be safe to use the following in your code:

Otherwise use one of the following in our code:


Segmentation fault

Do I have out-of-date drivers or something? I just built a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a Unicorn pHAT and installed Raspian Lite using NOOBS Lite, so I’m running Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch).

I had to modify the install script because I’m running as the root user, but it seems to work, all the demos work, and my code works, but I get a segfault on program termination, and that just doesn’t feel right…

Am I doing something wrong?


I don’t recall mine saying that before Stretch, but it certainly does now. Mine is also acting batty, but I assume that’s unrelated. So, since you’re not alone, it seems like there is something a bit off about how it runs on Stretch.