Upgrade to Raspberry Pi 5

Would it be possible to upgrade a Picade X, now working on a Pi 4, to the new Raspberry Pi 5?

It would be a dream machine for emulating, at 2.5x the speed of the Pi 4.

Some hurdles to jump, like different form factor, but as the 40 pin interface is still the same, certainly worth it!

Or just a cheapish Picade X 5?

Assuming all your Picade software will run on Pi OS Bookworm, I would say doable.

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I was hoping you would jump in, @alphanumeric , thank you. The new on/off switch on the board might render the Picade’s own on/off button unusable, I thought. The software would be the most challenging part I suppose, we’d have to wait for Pimoroni to port it if it doesn’t run.

I guess we’ll have to wait a few weeks and test!

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would be a fantastic upgrade!

One wrinkle in this “may be” the added RP1 chip on the Pi 5. It now does all the GPIO stuff that the SOC “used to do” on previous Pi’s. Just something to keep in mind.

That “might” mess up how the buttons and Joystick work, software wise?

This is what I’m also thinking about. Would love to find out if the picade hat x works on rp5. Might be worth the investment…

My thoughts on this, the buttons may not be a problem if they are just emulating keys over the GPIO pins via the kernel. If anything uses pigpio/rpi.gpio/wiringpi you’re stuffed.
The power button can just be rewired in to the Pi5 header (fit one first, probably an angled on to make it easier)
Plasma is probably out (gpio).

Off to look at github
links hear for ease
Picade X HAT USB-C (pimoroni.com)
GitHub - pimoroni/picade-hat: Picade HAT input daemon and setup script

I had a thought, you can use a PICADE X Player USB module if the Picade XHAT doesn’t emulate the keys via GPIO (for controller use)…although now I need to find out if the sound would output on the picade’s speaker

Yep, picadehat didn’t work for me. Looks like a complete rewrite is needed for both picade.dtbo and plasma led programs

I was thinking maybe getting the audioshim module, but the rp5 uses all new configuration, so it’s unlikely going to work so no inbuilt audio for now. Not that I really use the internal speaker as I have my picade connected to external speakers via my hdmi splitter which has an audio headphone output.

For the controls, the picade player x usb module will do at this stage.

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